Perfecting Operational Workflows
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Since its inception, Pow Pocket has impacted millions of people through its tailor-made solutions.
About Us
We maintain a razor-sharp focus on maximizing potential and generation of value through optimization of operational processes. A critical component at all levels of system development, optimization of workflows and processes will directly lead to an improvement of overall output. With this in mind, we build our systems not just to improve user experience for the customer but also to reduce operational friction and administrative burden.
Vaccination Efforts
Companies across the world are exploring how they can use their services, infrastructure and expertise to support the vaccine roll-out and we are doing the same. We launched the first nationwide vaccination portal in Malaysia towards ensuring the well-being of the rakyat.
All 13 states and 3 federal territories covered
Covid Screening Efforts
Rapid tests are important screening tools to help you protect your employees, customers, their families and the community where they live. We offer a suite of accurate and verifiable COVID-19 tests to cater to all needs including pre-departure travel requirements.
More 100,000 tested under our various digital platforms
Our Collaborations
Collaborations with subject matter experts and industry leaders have accelerated our growth and are actively looking for more. Our partners include the states and federal government of Malaysia, as well as industry leaders from Aviation, Biotech, Consulting, Healthcare, Insurance and Pharma.
Plugged in to more than 10 industries in Malaysia
Frontliner Support
Malaysia and Singapore share a deep political and cultural history. Both are important trading partners for each other. We provide digital solutions exclusively to Johor State Government to facilitate reopening of the border for its economic frontliner vaccination program and on arrival-testing needs.
More than 100,000 economic frontliners vaccinated, and more than 100,000 travellers tested.
Our Solutions
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