Who We Are
We are a growing team with a diverse range of experience that drives ongoing innovation so that our clients can be provided long-term value and make a difference. 🔥
Our diversified platforms aim to facilitate in-real time decisions in an end to end workflow, empowering and benefiting every participating party.
We provide web-based solutions which can encompass management systems, tracking systems, automation, and real time monitoring. The company has developed capabilities in decision science, process automation, track and trace, and performance measurement gained from the tremendous collective experience of the team.
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Industries plugged in Malaysia
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Why Choose Us?
Trustworthy & Responsible
Companies across the world are exploring how they can use their services, infrastructure and expertise to support the vaccine roll-out and we are doing the same. We launched the first nationwide vaccination portal in Malaysia towards ensuring the well-being of the rakyat.
When it comes to getting things done quickly, we take a no-nonsense approach and commit ourselves to uphold quality. Pow Pocket is a partner that provides transformational end-to-end digital services in a collaborative and effective manner.
Better Code
We are proud of our coding capabilities and the flexibility provided. Striving for a higher quality coding that goes through analysis, peer code reviews guarantees a software that is ready to meet demands of a live environment and has efficient scalability, which in turn can increase business efficiency and productivity.
Custom Software Development
Does your company need specific or customized software for your business? We can help. Pow Pocket has a software factory, which follows international development standards and aims to protect the data of system users.. We use Design Sprints to create new projects and SCRUM as a project management methodology. Ensure a faster and more efficient project with partial and continuous deliveries.