Malaysia's first nationwide private vaccine platform.
Immunise is an open and multi vaccine platform that puts the power back into the hands of the Rakyat to make informed vaccine choices that are right for them
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Who we are
We are a team of passionate individuals stemming from a variety of backgrounds, coming together to achieve the impossible.
Our Mission
To enable a world whereby information can be freely shared without doubts of inauthenticity.
Immunise is the platform engine that powers ImmuPlan, Johor State Government's program for private and public vaccine roll outs.
Having met with tremendous success in Johor, we are rolling out Immunise nationwide to offer the same services for the Rakyat. Immunise works by decentralizing private vaccine deliveries and empowering our communities and doctors. Immunise is a seamless end to end open platform that lets users purchase a range of Ministry of Health Malaysia approved vaccines as well as select the timing and location for vaccinations that is best suited for them.
Are you a doctor?
We aim to be the largest nationwide provider of end-to-end services and infrastructure to facilitate seamless and multi vaccine inoculation for the convenience of the Rakyat. But we cannot reach this goal without you. You can help by joining us as one of our many partner clinics, bringing the Rakyat utmost safety and convenience for their vaccination. Join Us