Universally verifiable QR code documents.
Secure and verifiable QR code documents powered by blockchain & open attestation via an integrated and automated process flow.
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Who we are
We are a team of passionate individuals stemming from a variety of backgrounds, coming together to achieve the impossible.
Our Mission
To enable a world whereby information can be freely shared without doubts of inauthenticity.
QRlab was founded to enable institutions to provide reliable and secure digital certification.
With the emergence of Covid-19, businesses and governments around the world entered a digital era. With this, the issue of fraud became more prevalent than ever. We wanted to help combat the problem to allow entities to issue genuine and verifiable documents such as medical reports, or government issued permits, so that the impact of the pandemic would be minimal in regards to verification.
Secure your documents
QRlab provides a way for you to distribute your documents such that the data contained within the document can be easily verified. All of the data within the document is locked so that external parties are unable to tamper with it.
Medical Reports
Internationally compliant health certificates
QRlab is a secure blockchain-powered platform for healthcare providers to automate the development and distribution of verifiable electronic health records. Our certificates are recognized internationally by governments and health institutions.
Turnkey Solution
QRlab provides a complete turnkey solution that takes care of everything on the verification front, from the generation of secure QR codes to the delivery of certificates on a universally accessible web app